Welcome to Road and Trail, a website I developed to share my perspectives on, and experiences with motorcycling. The name "Road and Trail" was chosen to reflect that the website focusses on both road and trail riding from a recreational perspective. Mainly I created this website because of my long interest in motorcycling and for something to do. I'll create new content as I am able to do so. I hope you like the website.

Harris Creek Road - Home Road

This website focuses mostly on BC motorcycle rides that I have done - paved road (highway, backroads), dual sport / adv (mixed) and trail (dirt, off-road). There is some overlap in these ride types. For example the dual sport / adv rides may contain sections of pavement as well as sections that are suitable for dirt bikes. The paved road rides are predominately pavement, but some may contain short sections of good gravel road. Consider all the information when deciding if the ride is suitable for you and your bike. Often you can choose to just ride a portion of the route. The rides that are documented on this site are all in the southern interior of British Columbia (for now), although I have ridden in other parts of BC as well as in Alberta and in a few of the north-western US states.

There are also a few bike reviews, mostly of bikes that I or family members have owned, but some are of bikes that I have only test ridden. I plan to add some additional article types, including maybe opinion pieces, guides or tips.

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Now, a little bit about me...

I started riding many years ago, and I have owned many motorcycles over the years including dirt bikes (ex. MR175, XR200, XR200R), dual sport (ex. DR350S, KLX250S, DR650SE) and street (ex. 550 Seca, NT650, VFR750, DL650, ...). I (and my family) have owned others, and have ridden many more. My current bike is a 2010 Suzuki DR650SE, though I ride a DR200 quite a bit and sometimes a CBR250RA.

I'm a recreational rider. I ride for the enjoyment of it. I don't ride aggressively. I ride solo quite a bit, exploring backroads, forest service roads and easier trails. I also enjoy riding along twisty scenic secondary highways. I've done a number of multi-day motorcycle trips, but not recently. I also ride with family members frequently. In the past, I would often commute by motorcycle, but these days I don't ride in the city much as I don't find it that enjoyable.

I perform most of the maintenance and minor repairs on my motorcycles, and I have done so for many years. There's a certain satisfaction in doing the work yourself, and you can save yourself a lot of money. A lot of the maintenance tasks are not difficult, and you can be sure that the work is done correctly which is not always the case when you take it to some bike shops, unfortunately.

I believe in wearing protective gear whenever I ride. I just shake my head when I see riders wearing shorts and sometimes sandals. I've seen people riding off-road (on motorcycles and ATVs) without even wearing a helmet. Why take the chance?

I was planning on buying a new (or possibly used) motorcycle in 2021, but with the pandemic, supply chain and shipping issues, that didn't happen. New motorcycle inventory is limited, and out the door prices have risen. Used bike prices have gone through the roof for some categories, especially small dual sports and recreational trail bikes. Maybe next year I'll buy a new bike. I'd like to own multiple motorcycles such as a smaller dual sport, a dirt bike, a street bike or adventure bike, but I can't justify the expense, storage space is limited as is my time to ride, so I'll have to decide what I want most and what I'm willing to spend; it'll probably be a recreational dirt bike or small dual sport, maybe a CRF250F or a CRF300L (if the suspension is stiffened up a bit for 2022).

That's it for now.

Have fun and ride safe,
Randy Adamache, developer, owner and administrator, Road and Trail

Green Mountain Road
Green Mountain Road near Penticton