Motorcycle Servicing

Why Maintain Your Motorcycle Yourself?

An article that discusses why you may want to consider maintaining your motorcycle yourself such as saving money, being more self-reliant, personal satisifaction...

Introduction To Motorcycle Maintenance

Introduction to common motorcycle maintenance tasks. Topics include tools, battery, air filter, chain, cooling system, brakes, controls, valve clearances, oil and filter, tires, wheels and more. Intended for those with little or no experience.

2022 Honda CRF250F Valve Clearance Inspection

A guide to inspecting and adjusting the valve clearances for a 2022 Honda CRF250F.

2012 Honda CBR250RA Valve Adjustment

A step by step guide to adjusting the valve clearances on a 2012 Honda CBR250RA. The valve adjustment procedure itself is applicable to the CRF250L, CBR300R, CB300R and CRF300L/LR.

2012 Honda CBR250RA Oil and Filter Change

A step by step guide. Also applicable to the Honda CRF250L, CRF300L, CRF300LA, CBR300R, CB300R

Winterizing Your Motorcycle - Preparing It For Storage

A step by step guide for winterizing your motorcycle.

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