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This is a motorcycling enthusiast website created and maintained by a longtime motorcycle rider. It contains well documented BC motorcycle riding routes for street bikes (paved roads) and dual sport and adventure bikes (varied surfaces - gravel, dirt, mud, rocks, some pavement). Portions of some of the routes are suitable for off-road motorcycles. The website also contains motorcycle reviews, motorcycle servicing information, plus some additional content.


Winterizing Your Motorcycle

A detailed guide to winterizing your motorcycle and returning it to service later.

DR650SE above Bastion Bay, Shuswap Lake, BC.
2010 Suzuki DR650SE Review

Long term owner review of the 2010 Suzuki DR650SE.

2022 Honda CRF250F First Ride. Aberdeen Plateau.
2022 Honda CRF250F Review

Owner review of the 2022 Honda CRF250F.

King Edward Lake, King Edward FSR (2023)
Coldstream to Oyama via King Edward FSR, Oyama Lake FSR, Oyama Lake Road

The route takes you from Coldstream (Hwy 6) to Oyama via King Edward FSR, Oyama Lake FSR and Oyama Lake Road. There are several lakes along the way, with options to ride into others. There's a great view point along Oyama Lake Road with views of Kalamalka Lake, Wood Lake and Oyama. A mostly easy and pleasant ride. Video on YouTube.

Hwy 6 a little north of Slocan - fun times ahead!
Nelson to Slocan to New Denver - Hwy 3A, Hwy 6

West from Nelson on Hwy 3A/6, then north to New Denver on Hwy 6. A few good curves and some interesting scenery along the Hwy 3A/6 stretch. Hwy 6 riding gets better the closer you get to New Denver. The riding is excellent north of Slocan. Some nice scenery along the way. Kootenay Lake and River, Slocan River, Crescent Valley Beach Park, Lemon Creek, Slocan, Slocan Lake, Silverton.

Mabel Lake FSR
Lumby to Three Valley Gap to Enderby-Mabel Lake Road via Mabel Lake FSR, Three Valley Mabel FSR

Starts with pavement, but mostly dirt and gravel roads, ok for some street bikes, but dual sport or adv bikes best choice. Mabel Lake Prov Park, forests, creeks and lakes. Wap Lake, Cottonwood Beach, Frog Falls and Noisy Creek Rec Sites. Divided into two main legs. Total distance of the main route is about 165 km. Last ridden Oct 2023.

Measuring chain slack on Kawasaki KLX140L
Kawasaki KLX140 Chain Adjustment

A guide to adjusting the chain on a 2020 Kawasaki KLX140L. Applies to other KLX140 versions and model years. Video on YouTube.

2010 DR650SE - adjusting exhaust valve clearance
Suzuki DR650SE Valve Adjustment

A step by step guide for checking and adjusting the valve clearances on a 2010 Suzuki DR650SE. Also covers replacing the spark plugs. Applies to multiple model years. Video on YouTube.

2016 Honda CB500F
2016 Honda CB500F Review

Review / riding impression of the 2016 Honda CB500F.