Ride: Coldstream to Oyama via King Edward FSR, Oyama Lake FSR, Oyama Lake Road

Coldstream to Oyama, BC - King Edward FSR, Oyama Lake FSR - YouTube

The route takes you from Coldstream (Hwy 6) to Oyama along gravel and dirt roads (mainly FSRs) and ends with a stretch of pavement as you near Oyama. There are several fishing lakes in the area, some with camping sites. There are many kms of roads and trails of varying condition in the area.

Last Ridden: Sept 2, 2023
Province: BC
Region: Okanagan
Route Type: forest service road, gravel backroad, paved backroad (Oyama)
Riding Surface: gravel and dirt (90% approx.), pavement (10%, Oyama)
Suitable For: dual sport or adventure bike
Also suitable for: dirt bikes (your bike requires insurance to ride FSRs)

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About 7 km east of the Petro Canada / 7-11 at Middleton Way in Vernon along Hwy 6, turn right (south) onto King Edward FSR. The ride starts off easy, but the FSR quickly becomes steeper and rougher with sections of washboard, ruts and some switchbacks that are often strewn with small loose rocks. It can be very dusty the first few km. At around 4 km the road forks with King Edward FSR to the right. (Brewer Road is to the left). Once you've climbed most of the way out of the valley (maybe 5 or 6 km), the road becomes easier to ride. However, there are sections that can be quite muddy in the early season or after significant rains. It is about 12 km from Hwy 6 to King Edward Lake.

There are numerous fishing lakes in the area, some with BC Recreation Sites with campsites. The side roads into some of the lakes can be rough and/or muddy, but some are fairly easily travelled. There are numerous FSRs, roads and trails in the area to explore, some of which are more suitably ridden on lighter dual sports or dirt bikes.

About 0.5 km south of the King Edward Lake sign, the road forks; Oyama Lake FSR is on the right. The left fork is King Edward Connector. Oyama Lake FSR will take you to Damer Lake, Oyama Lake (and others) and eventually to Oyama. Along Oyama Lake FSR, there is a narrow side road on the right (past Damer Lake) that leads to Towgood Lake (look for a sign for Towgood Lake Road on a tree, facing more or less south); Towgood Lake Road has some sections that are a bit more challenging to ride than the main FSRs. It's about 2.5 km or so to the lake.

Oyama Lake FSR becomes Oyama Lake Road at or near the side road (on the left) into Oyama Lake (there are some large signs). Oyama Lake is about 2 km or so up this side road. There ia a BC Recreation Site as well as a fishing resort at Oyama Lake (Oyama Lake Lodge). Further along Oyama Lake Road, past the turn-off to Oyama Lake, there is a lookout point that offers great views of Kalamalka Lake, Wood Lake and Oyama; Okanagan Lake is also visible in the distance. There tends to be more traffic between Oyama Lake and Oyama.

If you continue on Oyama Lake Road (rather than doubling back), you will end up in Oyama where you can access Hwy 97 (north to Vernon or south to Winfield) and Pelmewash Parkway along Wood Lake (to Winfield). Kaloya Regional Park is a nice stop (take Trask Road from Oyama Road). Oyama Lake Road is a gravel road that's in generally good condition; there is some loose, coarse gravel sections and some washboard. Stop at the lookout (at hairpin turn) for great views of the lakes and Oyama. As you enter into Lake Country regional District, the road condition improves greatly: it's quite smooth with fine gravel on top, and it appears to be dust controled (maybe an issue when it's wet). Closer to Oyama, the road is paved.

Except for the steeper northern section of King Edward FSR, this is a pretty leisurely and pleasant ride for the most part. Always watch for other traffic (especially logging trucks on weekdays), cows and wildlife. Road conditions can vary greatly over time with use and weather. The main route distance is about 34 km, not including side trips into Oyama Lake or Towgood Lake.

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