Ride: Pinaus Lake Area - Westside Road to Hwy 97 near Westwold

Westside Road, Six Mile Creek Road, McGregor Creek FSR, Equesis Creek FSR, Pinaus Lake FSR, Pinaus Lake Road, Will Lake FSR, Ingram Creek FSR / Ingram FSR, Hwy 97. Side trips to Little Pinaus Lake, Square Lake, Pinaus Lake.

Last Ridden: 2015
Last Update: March 12, 2024
Province: BC
Region: North Okanagan
Route Type: Forest Service Road, gravel backroad, rough road
Riding Surface: dirt (70%), gravel (30%)
Most Suitable For: dual sport
Also Suitable For: adventure bike, dirt bike (if insured)
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A very enjoyable ride for the most part. The main roads are in pretty good condition. It varies from wide level gravel road, to winding double track with potholes, small ruts on some of the hills, minor rougher sections, potentially muddy sections with wide puddles, to narrow winding dirt road and then back to gravel. Except for a few short sections mentioned below, there are only gradual elevation changes. A really enjoyable ride on a warm fall day. See notes at the bottom.

0 km - Vernon Chevron
15.0 km - Hwy 97 and Westside Road
28.8 km - Six Mile Creek Road and Westside Road at gas station / store (burned down in the White Rock Lake fire in 2021)
Six Mile Creek Road: loose gravel on hard base; travels thru Indian Reserve and past ranches
39.0 km - "No Thru Road" sign and arrow pointing the way to Pinaus Lake (left) where road forks. Left fork = McGregor Creek FSR = route you have to take now; I went right the first time as follows below
41 km (approx.) - open gate; road looks like a driveway and runs between a house and some farm buildings; looks private, but I didn't notice any signs prohibiting public access. [Update July 22, 2014: The gate was closed and there is now a private property sign posted; use McGregor Creek FSR now.] - road has become nice double track running in and out of the trees and along a fence line
44.0 km - barbed wire fence gate; not locked; looks like there was a sign posted there, but any wording has weathered away
48.8 km - road forks: left to Little Pinaus Lake; right = Pinaus Lake FSR to Pinaus Lake - one sloped section of road, maybe .3 - .4 km long with small, loose rocks - might be a bit challenging for newer riders or those on adventure bikes with more street-oriented tires
51.2 km - Little Pinaus Lake Recreation Site
52.0 km - turn around as road has become rough, rutted and muddy
55.2 km - back at fork - head up (west) on Pinaus Lake FSR
58.2 km - turn off to Square Lake on right
58.9 km - Square Lake boat launching site
59.4 km - turn around at Square Lake
60.6 km - back on Pinaus Lake FSR
64.0 km - turn off to Pinaus Lake Recreation Site
64.3 km - Pinaus Lake Recreation Site. From this point west, the road is called Pinaus Lake Road
69.6 km - Will Lake on side of Pinaus Lake Road; road has become very smooth - a bit further on (west) the road forks; the main road goes to the left (I recommend that you go that way); the first time here I went right (sign indicates that the right fork is Tut Road although Backroad Mapbooks indicates that the right fork is Pinaus Lake Road. This route becomes very rough with round, loose rocks, ruts and some steep sections. The road is in poor condition with pronounced erosion. Not recommended, especially for newer riders or those on heavier bikes or those with more street-oriented tires (as opposed to DOT knobbies). This route should not be a problem for more experienced riders on more off-road oriented dual sport bikes.
76.2 km - Hwy 97, Westwold
86.6 km - downtown Falkland
116.2 - Hwy 97 and Westside Road
Distances are approximate and taken from my odometer.

Taking McGregor Creek FSR, instead of heading through the gate at 41 km (above), adds about 2 km to the route. McGregor FSR is rougher (and potentially muddier) than the route through the gate and farm. A short ways past Will Lake, take the main access road which is Will Lake FSR which joins Ingram Creek FSR and takes you to Hwy 97 (this is the route shown on the map above); this route is easy going although it can get muddy on top.

The main access road to Pinaus Lake is well marked where it meets Hwy 97 near Westwold

Part of this route may not be accessible in 2023 due to the White Rock Lake fire in 2021. From the posted BC government maps, it looks like the fire was mostly contained to the south of the route with the exception of part of the Six Mile Creek Road section. It looks like McGregor FSR forms a part of the boundary of the motor vehicle exclusion zone for this burned region. The motor vehicle exclusion zone was supposed to be in effect only to about May 2023, but it has been extended, but there is no information as to how long (as of May 19, 2023). Pinaus Lake is outside the exclusion zone. Motor Vehicle Prohibitions Info

Update Mar 12, 2024: This region is no longer listed on the BC Motor Vehicles Prohibitions (Okanagan) webpage here.

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