2010 Suzuki DR200SE Air Filter Service - Page 1

Article Last Updated: May 22, 2023


2010 Suzuki DR200SE

This is a step-by-step guide to servicing the air filter on a 2010 Suzuki DR200SE. This guide should be applicable to other model years. Read all of the instructions before beginning.

The following is based on the author’s observations and experience servicing the air filter on a 2010 Suzuki DR200SE and on information contained in the official Suzuki DR200SE service manual, 2008 (part no. 99500-41141-01E) which covers model years 1996 - 2009. I also have the addendum for 2010.

The service manual skips over a few points that would be helpful to know in advance. The photos in my copy of the service manual are small and of poor quality. This guide attempts to fill in some gaps, help clarify some points, provide better photos and offer some suggestions.

By performing the air filter service yourself, you can save some money, learn more about your bike and gain the satisfaction of maintaining your bike yourself. There is nothing technically challenging about the procedure. Use the correct tools and supplies for the job, and take your time.

Disclaimer: While the author and website owner has attempted to provide correct information, sometimes errors occur. By using this document and following the procedures and advice below, the user assumes all risk and responsibility for injury or damage to their motorcycle. The author has been servicing his and his family's motorcycles for many years and is mostly self-taught (no formal training in motorcycle servicing). I recommend that you consult the Suzuki DR200SE owner’s manual and service manual.

Parts and supplies you may need

Tools you need or may find helpful

Service manual instructions

The service manual devotes only a half page, including small, poor quality photos, to servicing the air filter. Suzuki recommends cleaning the air filter every 5000 km (3000 mi) or 15 months, or more frequently if riding in dusty conditions. Replace the filter if there is evidence of damage or deterioration. The life of the engine largely depends on this component.

Remove the side covers and seat. Remove the air box lid. Remove the air filter by first removing the wing bolt. Remove the polyurethane foam element from its frame.

Immerse the foam element in non-flammable cleaning solvent and wash it until clean.

Squeeze the cleaning solvent out the foam element by pressing it between the palms of your hands.

Immerse the foam element in motor oil (10W-40), and then squeeze out the oil leaving it slightly wet. Do not twist or wring the element because it will tear the individual cells of the element.

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