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Road and Trail guide

If the motorcycle is dirty, I recommend that you wash it first.

Gather your tools and supplies.

1. Remove the side covers. There are a couple of rubber grommets and one bolt (#3 Philips) for each.

DR200SE - location of bolt securing right side cover

2. Remove the seat. There is one bolt (12 mm head) on each side. After removing the two bolts, lift up the rear of the seat a bit and pull the seat to the rear of the bike.

DR200SE seat bolt

3. Clean around the top of the air box.

DR200SE air box cover

4. Remove the air box cover. There are two tabs at the rear that you need to release (push to front of bike). There are also a couple of zip ties on my bike that are in the way. They can be released by lifting up the tab on each.

DR200SE air box cover tabs (red) and zip tie tabs (green)

5. Inspect the air filter. If the filter is especially dirty or dry it should be serviced.

DR200SE air filter and wing bolt

6. Clean the accessible parts of the air box.

7. Remove the wing bolt that secures the air filter in place, and remove the air filter. You will need to clean the wing bolt before reinstalling the air filter.

DR200SE - removing the air filter

DR200SE - air filter removed

8. Carefully remove the supporting frame (with backfire screen) from the air filter and set aside on a clean surface, and cover it with a clean rag so it stays clean. If the frame gets any dirt on it during the process, it will need to be cleaned before reinstalling in the air filter.

DR200SE - removing the frame from the air filter

9. Assuming that the air filter has been previously coated / soaked in motor oil or an oil-based air filter oil, clean the air filter in kerosene or suitable cleaning solution. The intent here is to remove the oil or oil-based filter oil from the foam filter as well as the majority of the dirt. The foam filter is like a sponge. Repeatedly soak up kerosene (or other solvent) with the filter and then squeeze it out. Do not twist the filter or wring it out because you may end up tearing the foam, in which case the air filter will have to be replaced. Finally squeeze out as much of the kerosene (or other solvent) as possible. You can wrap the filter in a clean rag and squeeze it to remove more of the kerosene. You can also air-dry the filter for a day or so in a well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

DR200SE - pouring kerosene on the air filter

DR200SE - cleaning the air filter in kerosene

If a non-oil-based air filter oil was previously used for the air filter, then you'll likely need to use a special air filter cleaning solution (consult the instructions on the air filter oil container).

10. After cleaning the air filter in kerosene (or other solvent), wash the air filter in a bucket with mild soap and water. The intent here is to remove the remaining dirt in the filter as well as the remaining kerosene.

DR200SE - cleaning the air filter in soap and water

DR200SE - cleaning the air filter in soap and water

11. After washing the air filter in soap and water (or special air filter cleaning solution), thoroughly rinse the air filter in water. Afterwards, squeeze out as much water as possible and let air dry out of direct sunlight.

2010 Suzuki DR200SE - clean air filter, frame and wing bolt

12. Inspect the air box and clean out any remaining dirt, oil or grease. Be careful not to get any dirt in the air intake (intake manifold), carburetor or any part of the air box on the clean side of the air filter; if dirt does get into this clean zone, carefully wipe it away. Clean the air box cover as well.

DR200SE - inspect the air box

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