Introduction to Motorcycle Maintenance - Page 2

Common Maintenance Tasks

Here are some common motorcycle maintenance tasks. This is not an all-inclusive list. Some tasks are easy and require very little previous knowledge or skill; others tasks are more difficult. This is geared more to street bikes and recreational dual sport and offroad motorcycles and riding. More aggressive riding and competition type bikes may require more frequent maintenance and additional service.

The procedures for the tasks listed above will likely vary, at least a little bit, from bike to bike. Some of the tasks are very quick and easy to perform, like checking your tires and tire pressures or checking and adding coolant. Some tasks like checking the valve clearances, and possibly adjusting them, are more involved and more bike specific, so I advise getting a copy of the service manual for your motorcycle.

I’ve written up some bike specific maintenance procedures on this website as well as some bike specific service information. I’ve also written a general guide to winterizing your motorcycle. For other bikes and maintenance tasks I can offer some general guidance. I’ll state again that it’s best that you refer to your motorcycle’s owner’s manual and service manual for specific information.

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